Planful is a leading financial planning and analysis cloud platform. Planful delivers Continuous Planning by accelerating the end-to-end FP&A process and fostering business-wide participation in agile planning and decision-making.

More than 800 customers rely on Planful for financial planning and budgeting, dynamic operational planning, financial consolidations, reporting, and visual analytics.




Discover how finance teams manage data collection, tackle countless spreadsheets, and navigate the creation of multiple financial statements to meet diverse regulatory standards
Finance TransformationResearchChange
Learn how workforce planning is, why it is critical to the finance process, and how it can help you.
Long ReadFinance TransformationImprovement
Financial performance management is a team sport, and every player must run the same play to win.
Financial ModellingChange ManagementFinance Leader
Strategic financial decisions don’t just fall on the shoulders of financial planning & analysis - everyone across the business has an important role to play.
Finance TransformationAgilityTechnology
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that casts a big shadow.
AutomationAnalyticsFinance Leader
Surprises are kryptonite for finance and accounting — they’re rarely fun and leave you scrambling for a last-minute solution.
ChangeGrowthFinance Leader
Spreadsheets are a useful tool, but they can only take you so far.
AgilityFinance TransformationFinance Leader
It’s no longer simply an efficiency game where focus is on minimizing the cost of finance.
Finance TransformationTrendingTechnology
Continual forecasting provides more accurate financial plans and increased agility and helps identify more opportunities to generate revenue for the business.
Finance TransformationAgilityAnalytics
Modern-day CFOs often find themselves in the hot seat as they lead organisations through change
ChangeFinance LeaderFinancial Modelling
A recent survey by CFO found that less than half of CFOs are “implementing new technology concepts.” Another survey by Deloitte found that, again, less than half of CFOs consider their teams as “skilled” adopters of artificial intelligence (AI).
Reveal why CFOs need models that help them understand the drivers of the business and how that connects to financial performance.

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