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"Finance has to be the advocate for reality and the counterparty challenging things at all times."
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“Agility is our ability to respond to business change.”
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The world has changed - GENCFO North talked to Asda senior directors about job-sharing...
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In this month's GENCFOtalks, Chris is joined by Ashleigh Forbes, Lead FBP at Kindred, Simone Goodman, CFO at Forecast and Richard Moorin, Finance Director, Medium Segment, Sage.
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Why GENCFO is loved by financeWhere they fit in, how about you?

It is the only place that focuses on how new leadership and digital trends can help CFO's and their teams. It has a true community feel, people don't take themselves too seriously.

CFO, UK (Mid Tier Organisation)

GENCFO brings together the new world of digital and the new class of modern accounting and finance into one collaborative group.

Head of ACCA UK

GENCFO feels different, it has the buzz of people who really want to make change, do different, they are not just there for the drinks!

GENCFO Domain Expert

GENCFO is a space for me to be me, it's not work or home, but an informal club of like minded leaders, where I feel at home. Online and offline, it's priceless!

Divisional CFO, UK

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