Educate… but are you covering these areas?

Our education is critical, not only in terms of CPD, but in terms of educating our teams in the new opportunities for greater productivity, great decision support, great value add… but current education seems to be focused on tools and tech alone.

Maybe this is a symptom of the large marketing budgets at big vendors pushing their latest product.  Maybe it is our own “follow the easiest path” approach to learning… “I can just download this free app, search YouTube for some training, and off I go”… but whatever the reason, there is a gap.

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How technology can ACTUALLY help us

So far, I’ve focused on problems. This is about solutions. I have tried to ensure that the solutions I recommend are conceptually and scientifically robust, but also practical and easy to apply. Modern performance analysis must be:

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Big Data isn’t new – we just don’t know how to use it

I can’t remember exactly when, perhaps around the end of the 1990s, the retailers that my old company sold to started sharing their EPOS (electronic point of sale) data with us. Think of it – every day (or even more frequently) we had records of how much we had sold and in which store. How useful would it be to be able to track the sales of our products on a daily basis? 

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