Building a Finance Function Fit for the Future

It’s no longer simply an efficiency game where focus is on minimizing the cost of finance.

We’ve entered a period where the main mantra for modern finance teams is about value creation. It’s no longer simply an efficiency game where focus is on minimizing the cost of finance. 

Instead, any change we aim for should be driving more value creation in the company.

Depending on the current state of your company, the weight you put on each of these elements will vary. Still, it’s important to remember that the Finance Functions of your competitors, both in the marketplace and for talent, keep moving, too. That means standing still in either of the dimensions is not an option.

In this eBook ‘Building a Finance Function Fit For the Future’ authored by Anders Liu-Lindberg of the Business Partnering Institute, we’ve highlighted the changes you can make to take your finance team to the next level, and provided recommendations on how to change it.

Plus, discover six key elements to help drive your transformation and build agility. These include the dimensions of process, technology, governance, people, organization, and culture.

Download the eBook and find out how to lay the foundation for a bold, ambitious plan to build your modern finance team fit for the future.

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A proud Community Partner on the GENCFO Tech 100. Planful is a leading financial planning and analysis cloud platform. Planful delivers Continuous Planning by accelerating the end-to-end FP&A process and fostering business-wide participation in agile planning and decision-making.

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