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Discover the 5 unusual routes guests on the CFO Playbook podcast took to becoming CFOs, and what their journeys can teach us about the skills required to excel at the top job.
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During the pandemic, expenses slowed quite significantly. But as the economy reopened, we’ve seen a sturdy resurgence in out-of-pocket expenses.
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From rising costs to continued economic uncertainty, 2023 has the makings of a turbulent year for businesses. But while the next 12 months will undoubtedly be challenging, there are also exciting opportunities ahead. In this post, we’ll look at the key 2023 business trends that should be at the top of every CFO’s mind.
Soldo has been named one of Europe’s top 100 cloud companies by Accel, a venture capital firm of international renown. Accel has previously funded businesses like Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, Spotify, Atlassian and Etsy.
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Good CFOs delegate – but, of course, ‘delegation’ implies the presence of skilled deputies who can take control when necessary.
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Introducing our new expense management features, that help you manage all your business spending in one place.
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You can now validate your employees expenses made using a Soldo card using our new expense review functionality.
Open banking platform Yapily has teamed up with spend management platform Soldo to create a simplified payments experience for businesses across Europe.
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While technology has led to full-scale revolutions in manufacturing and retail, the impact that technology will have on finance is only just becoming clear. As the pace of change quickens and new technologies emerge, we examine the future of finance.
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Soldo, the spend management platform, have announced a new partnership with TravelPerk to streamline business travel as organisations adapt to the new normal. 
With a growing number of regulations for reporting and external stakeholders consistently seeking more and more information at an ever-increasing pace, financial reporting is becoming more complex.
Month-end close. If you work in finance, hearing that phrase is enough to make you hyperventilate.
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Investopedia defines the financial controller as high-level overseers of financial performance and regulation, but this definition is not very helpful in today’s value-driven world.
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When tracking your company’s spending its easy to feel like you have gone back to the future (without the 1955 glamour and up dos).
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In this article, we explore the fine line between controlling and empowering your business. Enabling the business to operate within agreed ways of working, without restricting business activities. 
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