Mastering Agility in the Digital Finance Function

Discover why agility is your secret weapon in our latest Community Research Report, featuring exclusive insights from our Exec Members.


“You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Therefore, cross-functional working is critical”

Agility is more than a buzzword; it is a fundamental requirement for maintaining relevance, competitiveness, and resilience in an uncertain economic landscape. 

Our latest Community Research Report, titled 'Mastering Agility in the Digital Finance Function' confronts traditional practices and explores why agility is indispensable for modern finance functions and businesses. 

This report provides actionable insights and strategies, urging finance leaders and their teams to embrace transformative practices. 

Are you prepared to lead the charge in transformation, or will you fall behind?


So... what do we uncover in this report?

  • Understand why agility matters to you in today's business landscape.
  • Learn practical strategies for fostering agility within your finance function.
  • Recognise common perceptions and challenges within your organisation and your team regarding agility.
  • Discover your pivotal role as a finance leader in driving agile transformation.
  • Embrace continuous learning and improvement to stay ahead in your dynamic environment.

How do members access the report?

All Pro & Exec GENCFO members can access the Research Report below via our community platform.

Thanks to our Exec Members!

A special thank you to our Exec Members listed below, for taking the time to provide us and our community with awesome insights:

  • Baron Anyangwe, Finance Director
  • Christine Fromont, Chief Financial Officer
  • Premal Parekh, Finance Leader
  • Sarah Courtman, Senior Finance Manager


This Community Research Report was created in partnership with Kainos, and Matt McManus, Services CFO of Kainos who was also involved in participating in the research.


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Christopher Argent, Founder, GENCFO

Chris is the founder and MD of and creator of the Digital Finance Function Model and a contributor to many articles on our platform. Chris focuses on the shift toward digital transformation in accounting and finance, shows you what good looks like, then helps to get you there!

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