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With a GENCFO Pro Membership, you can meet new like-minded professional contacts, keep your finger on the pulse of change in the accounting and finance profession, and do it on your own terms. 

Use the GENCFO Community platform to instantly extend your network and knowledge. As one member said, “Wow, so this is where all the action is happening!”

Over 1,000 members have joined in the last 12 months.

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What’s included in Pro Membership?

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member EVENTS  

Attend high-impact community events including our Lunch & Learn hosted by Chris Argent, and our interactive community watch-a-longs.



community PLATFORM 

Connect with like-minded members in different interest groups via our Community platform, including GENCFO Clubhouse, Analytics, Automation, Future Leaders, and much more.


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cpd-accredited CONTENT 

Watch over 100+ hours of CPD-accredited interviews, panel discussions, and presentations from our thought leadership Summits, Academy, Talks and collections.


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summit & academy PASSES 

In addition to having access to our Summit and Academy on-demand, you will also receive a complimentary live pass, enabling you to participate in the conversations on the day and pose any questions you may have to our expert speakers.


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research GUIDES

Discover new ways of working using our research-based guides, featuring future-focused community-created research on Agility, Analytics, Automation, and the hottest trends, produced quarterly.

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mentorship PROGRAMME 

Our community has both senior and early career members, join our Mentorship Programme Group to connect with mentors and mentees.

What they are saying about GENCFO

“Their unique content is genuinely insightful and there is much more of a community feel, and people don’t take themselves too seriously”


Tanbir Jasimuddin, 
UK CFO & Finance Director

"GENCFO brings together the new world of digital and the new class of modern accounting and finance into one collaborative group.”


Claire Bennison
Executive Director, AAT & past Head of ACCA


GENCFO Community is an online and offline community. Pro Membership is facilitated via our online platform, where you will find all members, events, and content. Our Exec Membership is both online and offline, some members use our platform, and some prefer email for communication. GENCFO Community in not a mobile app, but we have plans to deliver one in 2024.

Looking to pitch the Pro Membership to your manager? We've got you covered! Check out our dedicated 'Employer Funding' page, designed to equip you with everything you need to make a compelling case. 

With our Pro Membership, you're not just investing in yourself, but also in the future success of our team. Let's ensure we stay ahead of the curve together

We run many members events, live and virtual, including:

We put senior accounting and finance leaders and the latest trends under the spotlight at our members only events. They cover leadership, automation, analytics and agility, plus solo leaders meet-ups and one off special events.  Think of it as an online roundtable but exclusive to a small group.

If you want to discuss membership or members only events, feel free to email us at [email protected]

The cost of Pro Membership is £197 per year.

Seeing is believing?

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The taster will show you all the best perks of our Pro Membership, teach you about the platform and how to connect with like-minded professionals.

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