The Power of Community = GENCFO Summit

The future of finance is not just shaped by technology or policy alone but by the GENCFO Community.

In the world of finance and accountancy, where the digital frontier is ever-expanding and the pace of innovation never ceases, the GENCFO Summit  emerges not just as a beacon of knowledge and foresight but as a vibrant testament to the power of community. 

Our summits transcends the traditional confines of professional gatherings by embodying a spirit that is distinctly community-powered and community-shaped.

The community powered summit

At the core of the GENCFO Summit is a profound realisation: the future of finance is not just shaped by technology or policy alone but by the people who navigate these waters every day — you, the GENCFO Community. 

It's your insights, challenges, successes, and visions that forge the agenda of this unparalleled event. This is where the term "community-powered" takes on a whole new meaning. Each session, panel, and discussion is infused with the collective wisdom and the diverse perspectives of our community members.

A collective force of change

What makes the GENCFO Summit fundamentally different? It's the undeniable acknowledgment that every participant, speaker, and partner brings something unique to the table — a piece of the puzzle in our quest to redefine the finance function for the digital age. 

With over 20 mind-blowing sessions and more than 30 trailblazing finance leaders and experts, the summit is a melting pot of ideas that challenge convention and set the stage for a future where finance is agile, analytics-driven, and automated. But, at its heart, it's the 1250+ changemakers — you — that transform these discussions into a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth.

Beyond networking: a community in action

Networking at the GENCFO Summit goes beyond exchanging business cards or LinkedIn connections. It's about connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to challenge traditions and define the essence of tomorrow's finance leadership. This summit is your platform to dive deep into the knowledge, trends, and fresh ideas, all while forging relationships that could redefine your professional journey.

Your summit, your voice

Echoing through the virtual halls of the GENCFO Summit are the voices of our community — voices like Selina Butterfield Mashoofi, who encapsulates the summit as “the embodiment of progressive finance leaders of tomorrow,” and Cecile Parker FCCA of Vital Energi, who appreciates the practical, real-world applicability of our sessions. These testimonials are a beacon of the summit's impact and its resonance with the aspirations of our community.

Join the movement

As we gear up for this monumental event, remember that the GENCFO Summit is not just an event you attend; it's an experience you shape and a community you empower. From the insights of previous speakers from ASOS to Starbucks and Microsoft to the anticipation of this year's lineup, every element of the summit is a reflection of our collective ambition to navigate the future of finance with audacity and vision.

In essence, the GENCFO Summit is more than just a summit; it's a celebration of our community's power to drive change, a testament to the collaborative spirit that fuels innovation, and a call to action for all of us to lead the charge towards a digital finance function of the future. This is your summit, powered by your community, and shaped by your aspirations. Let's come together to forge new frontiers.

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Christopher Argent, Founder, GENCFO

Chris is the founder and MD of and creator of the Digital Finance Function Model and a contributor to many articles on our platform. Chris focuses on the shift toward digital transformation in accounting and finance, shows you what good looks like, then helps to get you there!

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