Meet theGENCFO team

Led by Christopher Argent, transformational CFO and founder of GENCFO, we are an awesome group. Each one of us brings unique skills, experiences and perspectives to the table, and our awesomeness allows us to tackle problems in innovative ways that make working with us exciting.

Each team member is an expert in their respective field, with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. They are constantly learning and growing, and this is reflected in the work that they do.

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Chris Argent


Chris saw the need for a unifying framework to combine traditional accounting and finance and the new data-enabled digital finance function. So, he developed the Digital Finance Function Model (DFFM), initiated events, podcasts and networking meetups to establish Generation CFO as the go-to platform.

Favourite Film: Space Jam
Last Country Visited: USA

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Sophie Goad


Leading the charge across all our revolutionary events, an impressive lineup featuring the legendary Digital Finance Function Awards, Summit, Meets, and an array of other awe-inspiring experiences. Simultaneously, orchestrating the curation of our groundbreaking content, which encompasses innovative research reports and much more, tailored exclusively for the extraordinary GENCFO Community. 

Should you want to connect with Sophie, don't hesitate to reach out via the email below.

Favourite Film: Top Gun
Last Country Visited: Northern Ireland

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Ryan Crawley


At the helm of our dynamic Marketing team, Ryan is a dedicated force that ensures our community enjoys unfettered access to the full spectrum of what GENCFO offers. From the intricate realms of Tech and Email to the expansive world of Social Media, Ryan is the architect behind ensuring our community remains at the forefront of every groundbreaking update originating from GENCFO. 

For any inquiries about our marketing initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact Ryan.

Favourite Film: Inception
Last Country Visited: Northern Ireland

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Kira Khbach


Kira, also known as KK within the GENCFO team, assumes the role of our awesome Community Success Manager, liaising with our Pro and Exec members to help them get the most from their membership, whether that be connecting with other members online and in person, or keeping up to date on the groundbreaking content GENCFO puts on for their members.

Should you want to contact with Kira, please don't hesitate to email her using the details provided below.

Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Last Country Visited: Northern ireland

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Mike Rose


Distinguished as a transformation specialist of exceptional standing, Mike leads our FLIP digital transformation training. His expertise lies in the realms of digital prowess and data mastery, where he adeptly guides individuals and organisations through profound metamorphosis. Mike's approach revolves around nurturing relationships via collaborative and open strategies, fostering transformative conversations that serve as the bedrock for cultivating trust.

Should you yearn to delve deeper into the realms of FLIP, connect with Mike below. 

Favourite Film: Chicken Run
Last Country Visited: Ethopia

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