HedgeFlows is a cloud-based risk management system for smaller corporates that trade internationally. Integrating HedgeFlows with accounting or ERP systems helps identify and quantify FX risks and provides the tools to manage them. The platform’s aim is to help small finance teams to manage foreign invoices, cash flows and payments “easily and confidently”.

The company was founded by industry experts, each experienced in running the global financial markets divisions of international banks. This experience has informed HedgeFlows’ design so that its users do not need to take long training courses nor rely on currency specialists to trade overseas. The platform leverages APIs and cloud-based data to help clients embed prudent principles into their existing processes and to capture timely insights that can assist “safer international growth without unnecessary costs”.



Accounts Payable (AP)
Accounts Receivable (AR)
AP Automation
AR Automation
Cash Flow Management
Risk Management
Treasury Management
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Who uses us?

HedgeFlows is used by the following finance roles:

  • CFOs
  • Finance Directors
  • Finance Managers
  • Treasurers
  • Financial Controllers

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