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Tuesday, May 24th, 2022


14:00 – 15:00 (BST)


Chris Argent, Margareta Mucibabici, Martina Macpherson, Giovanni Quaglia

The importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is changing the way we do business, and in the next decade it will be a fundamental demand for all organisations across the world.

ESG impacts financial resilience, how we measure and report to our stakeholders to secure investment and, fundamentally, how we attract customers and future talent to drive business. These ESG risks can be avoided, and we will show you how.

There are very real financial implications for a business that ignores ESG. As investors look beyond the traditional financial growth plans and UK and global targets are set, setting the correct environmental and social metrics is imperative and monitoring and reporting is key. 

In the latest of our Deep Dive Live webinars, we will be giving practical guidance on reporting ESG in your businesses and how managing this is best through automation.

Deep Dive Live: Reporting ESG the RIGHT way Date:Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 Time:14:00 – 15:00 (BST) Panel:Chris Argent, Margareta Mucibabici, Martina Macpherson Meet the industry experts sarah whale

Martina Macpherson, Fellow ICRS, ICRMP, Henley Business School

Martina is a board and senior management-level financial services strategy, product and engagement expert, with a deep understanding, proven track record and a passion for developing ESG and Fintech solutions.

She has 20 years+ experience as an award-winning ESG influencer, researcher, incubator and entrepreneur; and as a (founding) member of global policy and (sustainable) finance initiatives.

Margareta Mucibabici, Director, Public Affairs & Social Impact, UiPath

Margareta Mucibabici, Director, Public Affairs & Social Impact, UiPath

Margareta Mucibabici (Chesaru) leads the public affairs and public policy activities at UiPath. She has an extensive background in public policy, legal and regulatory affairs.

In her current role, she is bringing her energy and know-how into shaping a multi-stakeholder dialogue on the role of AI and automation technologies in the context of the digital economy.

Giovanni Quaglia, Chief Operating Officer, Bird-Friendly Farm Management Ltd

Giovanni has over 25 years of senior finance experience; with both multinationals and SMEs focusing on the Agribusiness sector.

Giovanni has recently joined “Bird-Friendly Farm Management Ltd” which is creating a series of plant-based protein factories along migration routes of birds which process local high protein crops and waste streams at source. Profits are shared with local farmers and communities which incentivises them to participate in transformative change.

chris argent generation cfo

Chris Argent, Founder and Managing Director, GENCFO

Chris Argent is Founder and Managing Director at Generation CFO – an organisation that guides businesses and individuals to reengineer themselves through our thought leadership, training and digital finance transformation.

Chris and GENCFO make the CFO heroes of the next generation of high performing, sustainable businesses.

How do I report Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) correctly?

Well, your first step will be attending this finance and ESG webinar.

The question of how we measure and manage the right ESG data and translate it into effective reporting will be answered by exploring one of the most valuable tools in the industry right now… enter automation.

Collecting ESG data is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of automation tools and manage the cash risk out of ESG. Let our Deep Dive Live panel of ESG experts and CFOs teach you how.

What will you learn by attending from this Reporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Webinar?

  • Why ESG sits firmly in the realm of the CFO
  • How YOU can transform your future ESG reporting
  • WHY ESG reporting should be one of your most important considerations
  • What metrics YOU and your business should be measuring
  • How AUTOMATION can be your best friend in managing ESG risk

I want to learn more about ESG reporting, but I can’t attend the webinar!

Can’t join us at 2pm? No problem. As with all of our webinars, signing up ensures you free access to the post-live recording, so you won’t miss out on any of the key takeaways or insights from this ESG webinar.

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