The financial close stress: new ways to end the old problem

Finance teams are more strained than ever however are we surprised considering the current economic climate that the pandemic has left behind?

Stress in the finance and accounting departments is nothing new.
But in the wake of the pandemic and economic turbulence, finance teams have been under more pressure than ever.

The emergence of new working trends such as remote and hybrid, along with inflation, stricter accounting standards and fear of technology use, have contributed to the rising levels of burnout amongst finance teams.

To hear more about the problem, join the conversation with Chris Argent from GENCFO, Helen Bassett from Evelyn Partners and Lianne Gatti from LucaNet who will deep dive into it and investigate strategies on how to combat financial close anxieties.

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LucaNet offers a user-friendly, standardised solution for financial consolidation, planning, reporting and data integration.

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