The CFO Automation Experience

As a leading enterprise automation software company, we at UiPath are lucky to have a front-row seat to some of the highest-level automation discussions in our customers’ board rooms.

The more we speak with our customers, the more we hear the same questions about the implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) in the finance function.

That’s why we have initiated the CFO Automation Experience, a series of international CFO round tables, to address shared automation challenges for CFOs and their teams, to fulfil the need for reliable information on automation, based on the experience of peers.

“As companies pivot toward a value creation agenda, CFOs and their leadership are increasingly exploring how digital and enterprise automation strategies can create more bandwidth to enable an agile, forward-looking finance organization that embraces advanced analytics to improve decision-making quality and speed,” says Steve Faulkner, Global CFO Practice Lead with UiPath.

“This exchange will not only provide them with insights on how organizations use automation, but also how they combine human work with artificial intelligence to form ‘super teams’.”

“The combination of a hybrid digital workforce with a traditional finance model offers a new flexibility to enable finance teams to focus on core strategic agenda items whilst promoting a new employee, customer, and supplier experience.”

At the round tables of the CFO Automation Experience, organizations ahead of the curve will share how they took automation to the next level to augment and broaden the scope of value being delivered, and which technologies and human skills are required.

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