Proactis Presents Proactis Rego

Proactis, the leading Source-to-Pay software solution provider, has introduced Proactis Rego, a powerful Source-to-Pay software platform specifically designed for mid-market organisations.

The end-to-end platform, crucially built on proven technology and existing solutions and services, enables customers to evolve every part of the Source-to-Pay process. The solution is not only perfect for Finance and Procurement departments, but the whole organisation, providing quick access to benefits.

We have developed Proactis Rego to help organisations maximise wider control, visibility and efficiency,” stated Geert Timmermans, Chief Product Officer at Proactis. “Mid-market organisations have a unique set of challenges and resources, which Proactis Rego has been specifically created for. For example, typically we see Source-to-Pay processes that are heavily manual or partly automated with a mix of in-house or wider systems to cover them, as well as budgets that are limited and a need for change projects to be managed as part of BAU. This means some organisations look to change all of their S2P processes as once, whilst others evolve over time. Proactis Rego is a modular platform that allows organisations to begin with Sourcing, Procure-to-Pay, Accounts Payable Automation or anywhere in the Source-to-Pay process depending on their objectives”.

Moreover, the platform, and each module, is fast to implement and use for rapid access to long-lasting benefits. Organisations can control spend and manage supply-chain risk; improve compliance and governance of their purchasing activities; reduce the cost of goods and services; and deliver efficiencies; all through process digitisation and automation.

“Taking a modular approach, and working hand-in-hand with business-critical applications such as ERP and Finance management systems, with strong local implementations and support services, makes Proactis Rego the perfect choice for mid-market organisations,” concluded Geert.

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