The Spring Statement 2022: How Will It Impact R&D Claims?

In his 2022 Spring Statement, Rishi Sunak announced changes to the R&D tax credits scheme in a bid to help improve UK innovation but what do these changes mean for future claims?

EmpowerRD is hosting a Spring Statement R&D Debrief webinar to help you understand the key takeaways and how these changes could affect your impending R&D tax credit claims.

Join experts Jon Yeomans and Ronan Gallagher, EmpowerRD’s Head of Tax and Head of sales respectively, on 1 April 2022 for their insight and analysis of Sunak’s budget. As a 30+ year veteran of HMRC, Jon knows the scheme inside out.

He’ll cut through the jargon and give you a clear overview of what’s been decided, and what this means for you. Ronan, who has over 15 years experience in sales, will be offering insight from the customer perspective.


In 45 minutes you’ll get a clear picture of:

● The impact that the budget has on the R&D tax relief scheme. 
● What this means for future claims. 
● How your business might need to flex to continue to maximise participation in the 

Here’s what you need to know:

● What: EmpowerRD’s Spring Statement R&D Debrief – a webinar focusing on the 
impact on the R&D tax relief scheme 
● When: 1 April 2022: 10am 
● Where: Virtual – via Zoom (register to join) 
● Who’s welcome: Anyone with an interest in the UK’s R&D tax relief scheme

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