What Are The Steps To Building An Elite Finance Team, Now And In The Future?

Good CFOs delegate – but, of course, ‘delegation’ implies the presence of skilled deputies who can take control when necessary.

Join ICAEW’s head of business Simon Gray, Soldo and an esteemed panel of finance experts to outline what a good finance team looks like.

Key topics

  • The future skills needed to build an elite finance team
  • The role of technology and how it can support your team
  • The role of finance across an organisation and the importance of business partnering


  • Alastair Barlow, CEO and co-founder, Flinder
  • Nick Levine, Chartered account and Fintech Consultant
  • Claire Graham-Rudd, Finance Manager, CATS Education
  • Eli Ganz, FP&A Manager, Soldo

Check out the recording here


Soldo, Community Partner on the GENCFO Tech 100
Guest Author

A proud Community Partner on the GENCFO Tech 100. The all-in-one spend management platform that allows you to take control of spending with budgets for every employee, department, and project. You will be able to control every cost with custom budgets, track transactions in real time, connect accounting software to automate reporting to save hours and use insights to grow.

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