What is the Future of the Finance Business Partner?

In this month's GENCFOtalks, Chris is joined by Ashleigh Forbes, Lead FBP at Kindred, Simone Goodman, CFO at Forecast and Richard Moorin, Finance Director, Medium Segment, Sage.

In this webinar:

  • Attendees gained an exclusive preview of the upcoming GENCFO research report focused on the data enabled finance leader, sharing the secrets to unlocking business growth with the power of data and analytics!  
  • We delved deep into the exciting world of modern data and its pivotal role in the finance business partner landscape.
  • We discovered the importance of finance visibility and delved into the power of driver-based modelling and data lineage. 

There were many more key takeaways from our speakers and host and MD of GENCFO, Chris Argent.

Want to learn more about what you missed? Want to watch the replay?

Members of our community platform can read the summary of the Talks and watch it back with all the key takeaways,  available on the GENCFO Talks page, check it out by clicking here.


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Olivia Wing, Customer Success Manager, GENCFO

Olivia is an author at GENCFO as well as being the Community Success Manager. Read her articles on everything from events, agility, hot topics in finance and interviews with key finance and accounting industry figures.

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