Community Leads andDomain Experts

Our domain experts are individuals who have a specialism in the area of accounting and finance team function from AP and S2P to agility and strategy. Oh, that rhymes! 

They are area-specific professionals we know can contribute invaluable expertise to help shape your thinking. We consider them trusted leaders in their field. We would recommend them to anyone seeking specialist advice. 

Having experts contributing to the GENCFO community through online discussions, talks and articles means our overall knowledge level goes up a notch. 

Sounds good? We think so. 

We are proud to count the following as our domain experts and community leads supporting the GENCFO community


Kate Armitage leads S2P Transformers

Mike Rose leads Masterminds

Becky Glover leads Women in Finance

Shaun Fenwick, Mike Griffiths and Jess Brindle lead Future Leaders


No community is an island

We partner with communities, organisations and institutes that can provide a similar benefit of expertise to our community. 

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