Advisory Board consists of accomplished leaders who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our community, playing a pivotal role in shaping the agenda for our pioneering content and events at GENCFO.

They serve as trusted advisors, assisting us in fulfilling GENCFO's mission to elevate both current and future CFOs as the champions of the next generation of sustainable, high-performing businesses. 

Every member contributes a distinct perspective and valuable industry insights, enriching our discussions. We are privileged to have these esteemed leaders as an integral part of our Advisory Board.

Meet our Advisory Board

Armand Angeli.webp

Armand Angelli
Vice President

Baron Anyangwe.webp

Baron Anyangwe
Finance Director

Becky glover.webp

Becky Glover FCCA
Finance Director

Cecile Parker.webp

Cécile Parker

Chris Ortega.webp

Chris Ortega 
Fractional CFO


Claire Osmundsen-Little
Executive Director of Finance

James Owen.webp

James Owen

Johan Olsson.webp

Johan Olsson

Jonny Jacobs.png

Jonny Jacobs
Group Finance Director

Malcolm Finnglover (1).png

Malcolm Finn
Group Financial Controller

Mare Charpentier.webp

Marie Charpentier
VP Finance

Mark LT.webp

Mark Laine-Toner FCCA
Finance Director

Michael Mills.webp

Michael Mills FCCA
Finance and Transformation Director

headshot Exec.webp

Sarah Courtman
Senior Finance Manager

Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi.webp

Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi

Stephen Sutcliffe.webp

Stephen Sutcliffe
Director of Finance and Accounting

Sylvia Ionita.webp

Sylvia Ionita


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