GENCFO DEEP DIVE – August 27, 2020 02:00 PM (GMT)

An ERP provides the foundations for the financial close process. However, there is still a significant amount of work that is performed outside of the ERP and managed manually, increasing the risk of error in your Financial Statements.

In this session we look at and discuss some of those activities that leverage upon your ERP and how organisations are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those processes.

Attend live to hear more on:

  • Limitations of an ERP only based approach
  • The modern tech stack for Finance professionals beyond the ERP
  • Improving control of period and year end close processes
  • Satisfying auditors in the current climate of remote working
  • Leveraging technology in the M&A process
  • Next steps your organisation could take


Kristi Jacks – Director of Operations, Mid-Market at Trintech

Mark Cracknell, Head Of Research
Generation CFO

If you are looking to understand how you can work more efficiently and effectively and address the issues above, this session is for you.