We started this journey back in 2009, when Excel was our only friend, and graft was the backbone of finance…
So where have you been, we have Machine Learning and Robotics now!?
The Network
Generation CFO LI group was founded in 2009 by Christopher Argent, at the time a divisional CFO.
Generation CFO LI group is forward thinking and promotes new trends in finance and CFO innovation.
Generation CFO LI group has been grown organically to ensure quality membership and content.
Generation CFO
…is the largest independent group of Finance Professionals (FP) and CFOs on LinkedIn
…is the only significant Europe based FP and CFO group on LinkedIn
…is the 4th largest FP and CFO group in the world, with c.67,000 members (April 2018)
…Chris is very well connected with 6,000+ Finance Professional LI followers (April 2018)
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