Ever interacted with Generation CFO’s social media polls, or read one of our articles, and wondered to yourself, what else do they do?

Well, wonder no more! I am here to present you with our newest series: Get to Know Generation CFO.

Each installation will tell you more about what we do here, and how we can help you grow into a hero of the accounting and finance industry.

To kick off the series, I’ll be giving you all the info you could need on our most frequent event: Deep Dive Live webinars.

If you would like to view our upcoming webinars to get an idea of what I’m going to be talking about, click below.

How do I attend a Deep Dive Live?

Generation CFO’s Deep Dive Lives are held several times a year, and are always announced across several platforms, from social media to our website, and often by the webinar’s speakers and sponsor. 

However, the best (and most exclusive, early-bird) way to learn more and sign up for an upcoming Deep Dive Live is through our newsletter.

All of our webinars are FREE, so all you need to do is register, book it in your calendar and click the link on the day!

Why are they called Deep Dive Live? 

Our webinars are designed to educate you as much as possible about each topic. 

That is why the speakers will be diving deep into the heart of the discussion and the details of the topic, hence ‘Deep Dive’.

The use of ‘Live’ is exactly what you would expect – the webinars are held in real-time, which means interacting with the speakers through polls and comments is possible.

How can I interact with the webinar speakers?

Our webinars often feature polls throughout the event, where the speakers will ask for your input on what they’re discussing. 

The results of this poll will directly affect the direction of the webinar, which is why it’s great to interact with them and get your opinion out there. 

There will also be opportunities for you to leave comments on the topic and on the discussion. The speakers will give feedback on these comments to the audience and to each other. This is really valuable for us, as our community’s contributions are what make Generation CFO great!

At the end of most webinars, there is also a questions segment, where you’ll be invited to leave any questions you may have on the topic or for the speakers.

Oh no, I missed the webinar! Can I still access it?

Busy on the day of the webinar? Missed the event being posted on our social media or website? (Sign up to our newsletter to stop that from happening again!

No problem! We upload all of our Deep Dive Lives to the Generation CFO website after they’ve happened, and they are all free to access. You’ll need to sign up to our communications, and once that’s done a link to the replay will be sent to your inbox.

You won’t be able to vote on the polls or leave a comment however, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media so you don’t miss the chance to fully interact with the next Deep Dive Live.

We have an archive of all our previous webinars which you are also welcome to access.

See you at the next one!

Now you are an expert in our Deep Dive Lives – so why not attend the next one? You’ll learn a lot amongst fellow accounting and finance professional peers. 

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