Would you like to learn more about the digital finance function, digital as a career and studying with us?

Find out how you could start a new career using digital finance knowledge and data skills, or add this knowledge to your current career by attending one of our Academy courses, all available remotely.

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There is a lot of training content out there, but not all of it is good and hardly any of it is focused on the unique world of accounting and finance.  Generation CFO wanted to make life easier for people like you, to quickly find relevant vetted courses that will teach you more about the data and digital opportunity or what we call the digital finance function.

Generation CFO is now 12 years old and over this time we have met a lot of excellent trainers covering subjects including agile CFO leadership, the digitalisation of accounting and finance, new data skills and digital finance function careers. They also cover more technical subjects including data analytics, data visualisation, data science and specific tools, such as Power BI and MySQL.

Our Courses

Future Ready? Accelerated Finance Leadership Programme

Learn how you can be that ‘future ready’ leader who is able to inspire individuals to adopt change, engage teams for consistently high performance and be emotionally intelligent to increase impact through influence, psychological safety and trust.

£849 + vat | 9th, 10th and 18th March 2022

Foundations in Digital Finance Function Technology

How is digital transformation impacting our jobs, your careers, our profession? Discover a broader view of technology and opportunities for accounting and finance professionals including the tools and tech and its impact on talent and skills.

£749 + vat | 11th and 18th Nov 2021

BI & Analytics Practitioner

Want to get hands-on with the tools, but not sure where to start?  Check out how you can be a BI & Analytics data analyst using advanced Excel, Power BI and MySQL and other powerful tools in the self-service reporting and business intelligence stack.

£397 + vat | 26th Oct 2021 for 3 month term

Data Visualisation Practitioner

Reports, Dashboards & Presentations are a minefield of messages, data and design. Learn how using clear and consistent design principles ensures your reports and dashboards are easily read and understood, reducing wrong decisions by 61% and speeding up comprehension by 46%.

$420 | Start Today

Improving performance with better KPIs

At this KPI Bootcamp, you will learn what to measure before investing time and money into technology and data skills.  Measuring performance is critical, but are we measuring the right things? Discover how you can learn to identify the correct and implement KPIs, to help take your company to the next level.

£246 + vat | 11th, 18th and 25th Nov 2021

Finance Business Partner Bootcamp

Technology enables strategic business partnering, but how do we use it to become great business partners? How do we communicate, influence and impact our business by using these new insight? Discover how you can at the Finance Business Partner Bootcamp.

£198 + vat | 15th Oct 2021

Which course is right for you?

We know your time is precious, so we have created courses for each level of your team.  For finance leaders, we recommend Future Ready – Accelerated Finance Leadership Programme, for senior managers we recommend Foundations in Digital Finance Function Technology and for managers we recommend BI & Analytics Practitioner.

* we have tailored learning to seniority, so there is no prerequisite learning to our courses.

** all cohorts will join a private forum to encourage greater sharing and peer learning.


I’m interested, what do I do next?

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