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How Finance must pivot with technology to accelerate business agility

Day two of the Accounting and Finance Virtual Summit was curated by Generation CFO and included many of its members who wanted to support other members during the COVID19 lock down.

Here we see and hear from Fabiana Bevilacqua, SAS, Charlie Hudson, Firemind, Jonathan Smare, AWS and Christopher Argent, Generation CFO who discuss the mega-trends impacting our organisations and how we can use this technology to enable more agility and the digital finance function.

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T is for Transformation, not Technology

Transformation to me means “change”, over recent time transformation has become a term that has been regularly coupled with the words “digital” or “data”.

“Digital and data transformation” often are seen as the future of companies being more efficient, effective and hopefully more profitable.

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Shifting your digital mindset from “why?” to “why not!”

Technology has disrupted every part of our day to day lives. Regardless of whether you are the CEO of a charity, a construction business owner or a retail entrepreneur; embracing the future of business is never going to be easy.

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