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Five emerging models for CFOs

In the previous article, we looked at the four types of CFO that you commonly find in businesses. But those types are starting to change. Increasingly, the focus is on the style you adopt to manage your team and communicate with the wider company, to assess where you can improve your approach. 

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Lost profit: the growth problem that CFOs don’t know they have

Achieving growth is on every CFOs list of corporate goals, but many don’t know how much profit they’re actually missing out on. And because they don’t know about it, they don’t know it’s even a problem. A lot of this comes down to the way that CFOs look at financial data when it comes to advising on business decisions.

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Debate Panellists Announced – 24th October 6:30PM

What an amazing line up for October’s #CFOdebate!

First, we have Beyond Budgeting guru and future of finance thought leader and author, Steve Morlidge, to open the night and present his latest thinking on the future of finance and performance management.

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