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Unhappy partner – the project risk controllers must fix

In our third article of this series, we look at the risk around software and vendor selection. What risk needs managing when buying an external SaaS product into your finance team?

Generation CFO’s recent research into the impact of coronavirus on business in the UK, found that “implementing cost control” was the second-highest priority for CFOs.  75% of respondents stated that cost control was “critical” or “very important” to their immediate goals and actions.

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Tech vs. People. Where Should Finance Invest?

This article was co-written by Christopher Argent and Anders Liu-Lindberg.

Every time you see a survey of senior finance leaders they say they think investing in tech (skills) and people (skills) are important. However, when it comes to prioritizing tech always wins over people. Is that the right choice?

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Insight for CFOs struggling with agility

Experts’ advice can help finance professionals cope with rapid change.

Finance has become one of the most exciting and value-adding parts of a company as it develops a more digital approach and the more agile structure needed to go with it, according to a report by Accenture.

However, some finance functions are still struggling to become truly agile.

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