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The new role of technology in finance

We look at the new technologies set to revolutionise the role of corporate finance departments, driving the ability of CFOs to streamline processes, unearth deeper insights and add value to the business.

Digital and finance transformation consultant, Chris Argent, gives us his view on the changing ways of working in finance. 

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How did our 5 predictions for 2019 get on?

Written by Christopher Argent, Founder, Generation CFO 

Making predictions in this crazy world is hard, really hard, especially in the world of Digital Finance where peoples attitudes are changing all the time and new use cases, capabilities and vendors are appearing every week.

But last year we made 5 big trend predictions, here is how we got on.

Go easy!

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Digitise This! The evolution of forecasting, and how it’s changing finance

We’ve always wanted FP&A to work a certain way – taking the company’s strategy, putting in place a plan to deliver it, then continually reporting on progress and refining that plan. But in reality, it never quite worked that way – only at a base level.

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