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Back to basics…

In the latest in our series of articles that go back to fundamental principles, Lutamyo Mtawali FCCA offers tips for becoming a cognitive enterprise.

Advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA) are having a powerful impact on the way finance teams function and on the structure of the business as a whole.

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#BQs – Are suppliers more or less important than customers?

Back in 1928, the John Lewis Partnership Founder John Spedan Lewis wrote, “The Partnership’s relationships with its suppliers must be based, as with its customers, on honesty, fairness, courtesy and promptness.”

Today JLP is held up as the business example of how to treat employee’s, customer and suppliers alike.  But more than likely the centre of your attention is your customer and their relations and you’ll do anything to please them.

But what about your suppliers?

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#BQs – I keep hearing RPA won’t cut it, so what “automation” must do’s come first?

The debate on process automation and “robot armies” are beginning to flood 21th-century workplaces and tech-savvy Enterprise, but does this extra muscle come with a whiff of science fiction.

Let’s look at the fact.

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