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Managing uncertainty? Focus on the goal…

The term VUCA is common to military education, an acronym of Volitility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and has been used for year to assess the likelihood of policy failure, system failure, even whole organsiation failure.

Since COVID19, the need to proactively manage risk is greater than every, particularly cash management and currency risk.

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Risk Management – Ten opportunities and threats for M&E companies

What are the most significant growth opportunities for media and entertainment companies today? What are the most significant risks or threats that they face? The EY Global Media & Entertainment sector team has identified and assessed ten areas of upside and risk for the industry.

Read on to find ways companies in this industry can respond to the shifting environment.

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Buzzwords or new words?

I have tagged this post with a lot of words that you may or may not have come across.

Digitalised Finance will be using these words everyday so start adding these to your word of the day list!

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