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Automation redundancy risk is fake news – here’s why – Part Two

By Christopher Argent, Founder, Generation CFO

Last year, we debunked the marketing hype that was driven by the highly cited University of Oxford research paper “The future of employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?” by Carl Frey and Michael Osbourne.

Part one, explained we are very much in control of our future, but we have some action to take to mitigate any future risks.

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Variances are not ALL bad – just mostly

My criticisms of variance analysis are directed at its use to analyse performance. This shouldn’t be taken to mean that I believe all forms of comparison are invalid. Quite the contrary. A number in isolation signifies nothing. It has to be compared to something else to mean something – the issue is what should it be compared to and what conclusions can be drawn from this? 

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Debate Panellists Announced – 24th October 6:30PM

What an amazing line up for October’s #CFOdebate!

First, we have “Beyond Budgeting” guru and future of finance thought leader and author, Steve Morlidge, to open the night and present his latest thinking on the future of finance and performance management.

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