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Digital Finance Evolution, is it child’s play?

Maybe the role revolution is not being televised, as it is a role evolution instead!

Two of my passion in life are travel and art, but not any old travel and any old art; Asian Art, and Asia travel.

So whilst enjoying a well earned summer break, I took a day trip with my son and daughter (5 and 6 years old) to the new Manga exhibition at the British Museum in London’s beautiful tree lined Bloomsbury.

It was a wonderful interactive display of art, tech and innovation charting the inception of the art, the pioneers that believed in it as an art form and its evolution over years to become the global phenomena it is today.

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Next Meet Up – 20th Sept 2019

Next Generation Digital Finance Trends

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What to expect

We champion forward thinking, people and technology opportunities to the Finance and Accounting community.  This is a “plain English”, non-technical forum for CFOs and Finance Professionals to learn, educate, network, partner.

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4 steps to Innovation – first finance!

Guest post by Andy Burrows

I am still staggered when I think of the rate of change over my working life. It’s been transformed in less than 30 years.

There have been hard lessons for businesses that failed to adapt quickly. Just think of Blockbuster Video. They could have bought Netflix for $50m in 2000. Instead, they ignored it, and went out of business ten years later. Netflix is now worth almost $30bn.

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