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S1 E8 – Robert Matthews – Data, New Teams and CFO Innovation #CFOchat

Welcome to another episode of #CFOchat aka the Generation CFO podcast.

Joining us today is Robert Matthews.

He is an accountant, data evangelist and the CFO of Pomerol Partners. Robert is into new trends in finance and technology and he will be unpacking business intelligence, data teams, data analytics and touching on our young boffins, the iGen’s.

“We need to see what technology is out there, what is coming and how it can be utilized”

 Sponsored by Future of Finance and CFO Summit, London.

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#BQs – Which data skills do Finance need today?

Written by Christopher Argent, Generation CFO Founder

There is a data skills gap in Finance teams today, as CFOs are scratching their heads how to fill this gap while delivering the ever-widening demands from the business.

In a time-poor world, we need to get smart and focused.  The above 2×2 matrix is taken from a much-debated article in the Harvard Business Review that gives us a method to move forward.

It presents an analysis of what we should be learning and planning to learn, and what should ditch (ignore or browse). Continue reading “#BQs – Which data skills do Finance need today?”

S1 E7 – What Prescott said, Data Visualisation micro learning #CFOchat

We talk about Prescott’s pod and unpack his insightful comment on presenting data, and pull on a few expert comments on data visualisation and why its critical to finance teams. Sponsored by Vena Solutions

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