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Marketing is moving with the times – finance is stuck in the past

Marketing is doing what finance should have done a long time ago – it’s using digital assets and data to take action.

The marketing function is using platforms that record data in one place, allowing people to analyse that information and use it to make better decisions.

Those intelligent actions then feed more data into the system, which allows much more rapid development and iteration around what works, what doesn’t.

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Why your business planning needs Core and Edge

Guest post by Lance Rubin

If your finance department is going to operate effectively, it needs the right blend of three elements: people, process, and technology. Having each of these elements present in your function is easy enough, but getting the balance right is another thing entirely.

Taking a tech-first approach is, in almost all cases, a bad idea. Technology is never a driving factor – leading with tech is like offering up an answer without really knowing what the question is. But scrutinising the state of your current technology can tell you a lot about your people and processes, which is where the true balance comes in. Continue reading “Why your business planning needs Core and Edge”

S1 E8 – Robert Matthews – Data, New Teams and CFO Innovation #CFOchat

Welcome to another episode of #CFOchat aka the Generation CFO podcast.

Joining us today is Robert Matthews.

He is an accountant, data evangelist and the CFO of Pomerol Partners. Robert is into new trends in finance and technology and he will be unpacking business intelligence, data teams, data analytics and touching on our young boffins, the iGen’s.

“We need to see what technology is out there, what is coming and how it can be utilized”

 Sponsored by Future of Finance and CFO Summit, London.

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