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Buzzwords or new words?

I have tagged this post with a lot of words that you may or may not have come across.

Digitalised Finance will be using these words everyday so start adding these to your word of the day list!

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The Future of Accountancy Panel

Concern about technology change in accountancy has turned to optimism and opportunity for most accountants out there.

This positive panel debate is from the AAT Annual Conference #AATConference and highlights a number of questions that are on accountants minds, particularly if you are new to technology change and in a small practice firm.

The Panel included Christopher Argent Generation CFO, Andi Lonnen Financial Training Academy, and Xero.


Want to learn more or give your point of view on these issues, why not comment on our Big Questions and be seen by our growing network.


BQs – What can humans do that robots can’t?

BQs – What do you think accounting students of the future will need to learn?

BQs – What has automation freed up your time to do?


How to remain relevant #SITN Podcast

I had the pleasure of sharing my predictions for finance, with one of our Brain Trust.

Strength in the Numbers, aka SITN podcast is chaired by Andrew Codd who expert questions his guests each week on a subject of their choice.

This week he talks to Generation CFO founder Chris Argent who helps us discover how leading finance functions are transforming their services to remain relevant and future proofing people careers in the age of intelligent automation and advanced data analytics and decision making.

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