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Data “Do’s And Don’ts” For CFOs

In the new world of data-driven business, a key challenge for CFOs is to determine what data to focus on and what to ignore. Where can you discover insights, and which information is just background noise?

These tips from four finance experts can help you maximize the usefulness of your data and make more effective use of your time.

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How technology can ACTUALLY help us

So far, I’ve focused on problems. This is about solutions. I have tried to ensure that the solutions I recommend are conceptually and scientifically robust, but also practical and easy to apply. Modern performance analysis must be:

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Variances are not ALL bad – just mostly

My criticisms of variance analysis are directed at its use to analyse performance. This shouldn’t be taken to mean that I believe all forms of comparison are invalid. Quite the contrary. A number in isolation signifies nothing. It has to be compared to something else to mean something – the issue is what should it be compared to and what conclusions can be drawn from this? 

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