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Digital Finance Evolution, is it child’s play?

Maybe the role revolution is not being televised, as it is a role evolution instead!

Two of my passion in life are travel and art, but not any old travel and any old art; Asian Art, and Asia travel.

So whilst enjoying a well earned summer break, I took a day trip with my son and daughter (5 and 6 years old) to the new Manga exhibition at the British Museum in London’s beautiful tree lined Bloomsbury.

It was a wonderful interactive display of art, tech and innovation charting the inception of the art, the pioneers that believed in it as an art form and its evolution over years to become the global phenomena it is today.

Tenuous link coming up…

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S1 E9 – What Robert said, Ideation and Collaborative Innovation Microlearning #CFOchat

Welcome to another episode of #CFOchat aka the Generation CFO podcast.

This time we explore the new world of collaborative innovation and ideation and what benefits it gives finance teams and organisations.

 Sponsored by Shaping the Future, ACCA Conference London

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Is your forecasting mindset killing CFO innovation – Part two

In an office somewhere in the world…


Data Scientist: Yo accountant dude! Why do you spend so long producing your budget and forecast numbers?

Accountant: It’s how we performance manage the business.

DS: But dude, your work is always wrong, it’s always out… I mean, unless you have a crystal ball, you can’t get it right, right?


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