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Starting your journey to Finance Transformation

The ‘Last Mile of Finance’

We speak with many organisations who have invested in technology to improve their financial consolidation, planning, or reporting processes. And yet, the ‘Last Mile of Finance’, the production of documents, such as a monthly report books, regulatory submissions and annual statements, remains a silo’d and manually intensive process that consumes the valuable time of the finance team. This article investigates why this is and how it can be addressed as a simple first step on your transformation journey.

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T is for Transformation, not Technology

Transformation to me means “change”, over recent time transformation has become a term that has been regularly coupled with the words “digital” or “data”.

“Digital and data transformation” often are seen as the future of companies being more efficient, effective and hopefully more profitable.

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The Finance Team challenge: moving from survival to recovery

The Finance Team challenge: moving from survival to recovery

The pace of change within finance was rapid even before recent events added significantly more spice to the mix. Organisations initially went into survival mode with a concentration on all matters cash; collecting it, understanding government schemes, reducing outgoings. As lockdown measures start to be eased, we are now seeing recovery mode kick-in with a different set of challenges and opportunities. This article looks at some of the core tasks and activities of the Finance Team and how they can be controlled and improved.

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