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Why CFOs should be Analytics advocates

CFOs sometimes feel removed from the specific decisions surrounding the undertaking of advanced analytics programs. The view is that working out the goals and implementation is for IT and the business partners. However, CFOs should be the first advocates of analytics programs as they have the most to gain from them.

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The Battle: Is MS Excel dead?

More debate than battle, but it certainly was heated with both sides bringing their A game!

“If you haven’t heard of the outcry for the death of Excel then you must be living under a rock. This highly emotive topic has gained a lot of high profile media attention, fake news and even changed the views of many finance professionals all the way up to the C-suite and Wall Street.

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Marketing is moving with the times – finance is stuck in the past

Marketing is doing what finance should have done a long time ago – it’s using digital assets and data to take action.

The marketing function is using platforms that record data in one place, allowing people to analyse that information and use it to make better decisions.

Those intelligent actions then feed more data into the system, which allows much more rapid development and iteration around what works, what doesn’t.

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