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Back to basics…

In the latest in our series of articles that go back to fundamental principles, Lutamyo Mtawali FCCA offers tips for becoming a cognitive enterprise.

Advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA) are having a powerful impact on the way finance teams function and on the structure of the business as a whole.

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Why technology won’t save us

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you might be thinking: what about the things that we hear so much about these days when we go to conferences or read business blogs? The media is full of stories about Big Data, data analytics, data visualization, dashboards and more recently AI. Surely, they will have solved these problems? 

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Is your forecasting mindset killing CFO innovation – Part two

In an office somewhere in the world…


Data Scientist: Yo accountant dude! Why do you spend so long producing your budget and forecast numbers?

Accountant: It’s how we performance manage the business.

DS: But dude, your work is always wrong, it’s always out… I mean, unless you have a crystal ball, you can’t get it right, right?


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