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CFO’s guide to sustainable Financial Planning and Analytics

Isn’t the world a strange place at the moment.

I received a mail recently from a mid-tier ERP house suggesting that finance teams should adopt their new ERP solution to simply provide better FP&A reporting! Yes, they did say reporting.

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Accelerating digital agility in finance teams – Part One

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the AAT’s Future Finance conference, where I discussed “Emerging Stronger: The new Finance Function” with Jannine Edgar, Director of Finance and Operations and I delivered my keynote talk on “Accelerating digital and automation in finance teams”.

As a follow up to this insightful debate, I wanted to highlight the key takeaways from this debate and zero in on what to do first, so you can act fast and not be bamboozled by the hype and new terminology.

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Insight for CFOs struggling with agility

Experts’ advice can help finance professionals cope with rapid change.

Finance has become one of the most exciting and value-adding parts of a company as it develops a more digital approach and the more agile structure needed to go with it, according to a report by Accenture.

However, some finance functions are still struggling to become truly agile.

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