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What kind of digital controller are you?

Investopedia defines the financial controller as high-level overseers of financial performance and regulation, but this definition is not very helpful in today’s value-driven world.  Although many of these financial controllers are out there, we see a new type emerging.

Here are three types that you may have found in your business.  Do you recognise yourself in any of these?  

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The new role of technology in finance

We look at the new technologies set to revolutionise the role of corporate finance departments, driving the ability of CFOs to streamline processes, unearth deeper insights and add value to the business.

Digital and finance transformation consultant, Chris Argent, gives us his view on the changing ways of working in finance. 

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Moving accounts payable out of the dark ages

The accounts payable team is one of the most important in the accounting function. However, many AP teams are stuck in the dark ages, which means:

  • monthly accounts cannot be prepared promptly, as AP is buried under a tsunami of invoices 
  • budget holders are unnecessarily tied up in authorising and approving all transactions – no matter how small
  • suppliers are forever on the phone querying payments 
  • the management accountants’ analysis is undermined.
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