I see lots of sweeping statements on the subject on RPA and Intelligent Automation,

  • “the accountant is dead”
  • “there will be no death of the accountant”
  • “we are not at risk, we’ve had accountants since civilization”
  • “we are at 95% risk of automation”
  • “we will always need to interpret accounts manually”
  • “RPA will lead to intelligent automation using AI, which will replace mid managers”
  • “technology is only changing basic finance roles that no one wants to do anyway”

I would say, think again and learn more about RPA, to make an informed opinion and decision on whether to start your innovation projects, and where to focus your effort and spend.
And here is a great article from Harvard Business Review to help you out.
It explains the shift in knowledge careers like Finance and Accounting, and strategies to deal with this change. Exams and experience alone are not enough, holistic thinking, a creative mindsets and tech specialists are critical too.
Source: Generation CFO LI Group