Welcome to another episode of #CFOchat aka the Generation CFO podcast.
Joining us today is Robert Matthews.
He is an accountant, data evangelist and the CFO of Pomerol Partners. Robert is into new trends in finance and technology and he will be unpacking business intelligence, data teams, data analytics and touching on our young boffins, the iGen’s.
“We need to see what technology is out there, what is coming and how it can be utilized”
 Sponsored by Future of Finance and CFO Summit, London.
Episode Quotes

“Unless we understand what drives the market… unless we get more involved operationally, we’re never going to bridge that gap”
“Open your eyes and see what tech is out there and how it can be utilized”
“The financial side is easy… so let’s focus on the unique areas that really can improve the business”
“We do need to communicate better, we do need to listen more”
“We got to be prepared to fail and learn from these mistakes”
“It’s not the smartest, or the strongest, or the fastest that get ahead; it’s the one’s that adapt”

Listen to Learn

00:26   Episode Intro
04:56   Getting to know Robert Matthews – professional/CFO journey
09:45   What are prior things you would do differently now because of technology?
13:24   The impact of technology from a process perspective
16:25   Importance of collaboration, communication and involvement
19:10   Working with millennials, managing generational diversity
22:06   CFOs and failures
25:13   Innovation: Capturing Ideas & Implementation
28:01   Key technologies to invest, overview about BI and data analytics
34:07   Barriers to change, CFO’s role in driving changes
36:55   Business Intelligence: Threat or Opportunity?