In this episode, Henri talks about Qvalia and his career journey. He also shares about digital transformation and automation, pros and cons of RPA, accounting and transactional processes. Henri started in a very entrepreneurial journey working with taxation. In his experience, he found out that various organisations have problems in taxation as well as managing transactional processes. Henri and I talk about the need of creating a systematic way in finding these mistakes in taxation which is relative to the purchase and sale transactions of any business.

Joining me today is Henri Taipale, reluctant accountant, now accounting Entrepreneur, who moved from Tax to Analytics to CEO of Qvalia who talks about his finance career journey and the trends around his move to start up!
“I never liked accounting… challenge why we do things in the way we do them!”
Listen as Henri and I talk about how CFOs drive innovation in business, and challenge conventional thinking of our role in Finance.
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Moving forward to digital transformation and RPA, Henri mentions that organisation must be able to clearly identify why they need automation. Data is probably the most important asset of an organisation because the success of automation depends on it. Organisation must understand what specific technology to use for which specific business function.
Henri’s company, Qvalia, specializes on the procurement or sales side and consolidating the information in that process. Their goal is to improve and automate financial processes.

Episode Quotes
“Finance professionals needs to be with the operations and be more customer-oriented”
“The success of automation depends on the quality of the data”
“Before doing automation, look at first the information you are managing and why”
“Providing customer value should be the driving force for every team in the business”
“The more that information is automated, the more that it is entangled”
“Centralised data is extremely good because it is efficient and fast”
“Organisations need to understand what specific technology to use for which specific function or solution”

Listen to Learn
00:25 Introduction about the episode topics
06:10 Getting to know Henri Taipale – career journey
09:48 Do CFOs need to be entrepreneurial? What are the benefits?
12:10 The role of accounting in the business
15:15 Taxation, automation and data
17:25 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – when is it necessary?
22:04 Remarkable changes because of automation, How CFOs can adapt to it
23:21 The impact of automation in supplier management
25:40 Overview about Qvalia
28:20 Henri’s take about Blockchain
33:00 What does the finance team looks like 10 years from now?