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Transform your understanding of what it takes to be a great data analyst and develop the hands-on skill to help you excel. Are you an aspiring analyst, data scientist or BI professional looking to master Excel, Power BI, MySQL, Tableau and other powerful stacks of self-service business intelligence tools? Then check out how you can be the master of these powerful stacks on our tailored course for accounting and finance professionals.

Our course focuses on Power BI, MySQL and Advanced Excel in less than 30 hours, but you will have access to over 100 hours of learning on the Generation CFO Portal, powered by Maven Analytics. You will look at your career through a different, positive, data lens.


Via our online portal, you will receive an abundance of training materials covering 4 modules of BI Data Analyst learning.  The course is cover How to think like an analyst, Advanced Excel, Power BI and MySQL.

Online Module 1

Thinking Like an Analyst, a beginners course that helps you build a strong foundation for a successful career in data.

Online Module 2

The second stage is Advanced Excel and understanding its most powerful analytics tools including Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX. From there, you will shift into Power BI, and learn to design and publish a full-scale data model and dashboard from the ground up.

Online Module 3

In the third part of the course, you will be learning PowerBI, one of the world’s most popular data analyst platforms.  From here, you will learn how to use PowerBI and transform your current output, moving raw data into stunning, interactive models and dashboards.

Online Module 4

Finally, you will cover MySQL, one of the most versatile and practical database languages. You will learn how to build, explore and manage databases by applying SQL to real-life case studies and projects.


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