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In the beginning… 

Started back in September 2009, Generation CFO Linkedin Group has grown to be the #1 network for finance professionals who are looking to develop their skills, understand new trends, and advance their careers.

But why join?

All businesses and all professions, including our traditional accounting and finance profession are being impacted by the Digital Age aka the 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation, and most of us are in the dark as to how this will impact our roles, our teams, our careers.

Our Linkedin group aims to lead the debate on this next generation finance transformation, so all members can understand the opportunities to grow, maximise their personal and professional investments, and lead the way in strategic business partnering, value creation and financial management in the digital age.

Why our group?

Generation CFO is the largest independent finance professional group on Linkedin with one ex-CFO group owner who moderates and curates all the content published.

This means a credible, balanced, unbiased view of the real opportunities and change, and in particular an impartial view on the many partners and vendors who are selling product and service to CFOs.

The largest? 

Size doesn’t always matter, but it this case it does as our network attracts content from some of the leading finance thought leaders in the world.

The next 10 years will revolutionise our profession, and size also matters when looking for groundbreaking solutions, as innovative solutions are most likely to be revolutionary if a wide community of people works on a solution.  This means including experts from outside our network and comfort zone to offer new perspectives, new ideas and solutions.  And this is no time for navel-gazing.

So please join us today and add to the debate, we are sure you will find it insightful!