Learning “digital” should NOT be done digitally

By Christopher Argent, Founder, Generation CFO

Are you time poor, but burning to learn something new?  Have you bought a new educational book, only to find it on the shelf a year later, a chapter read?  Have you signed up to a “must learn” eLearning module, that remains dormant in your inbox?

Finding the time is one of the main reasons why eLearning has been a massive hit with time-poor professionals, as digital flexibility is helping people to find the time and the eLearning market that delivers the content is certainly having its day, as it is estimated to be worth $200bn by 2024* Continue reading “Learning “digital” should NOT be done digitally”

BQs – What is intelligent finance automation?

By Clive Jefferies, Product Manager, Aico

When discussing the topic of finance management innovation and digitalisation, the following questions are often asked…

  • What is intelligent finance automation?
  • How does it differ from robotic process automation (RPA)?
  • What defines intelligence in this context?
  • How is intelligent finance automation closing the gap in reaching cognitive engagement of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Continue reading “BQs – What is intelligent finance automation?”

BQs – What’s your automation risk plan?

By Christopher Argent, Founder, GenerationCFO

Robotic process automation and the development of intelligent automation (overlaying machine learning and artificial intelligence) projects are becoming commonplace in companies big and small. Continue reading “BQs – What’s your automation risk plan?”