C is for Community…

Generation CFO is a community of accounting and finance professionals and a place were you can learn, network and support each other and we want to use our global community to make this crisis a little more bearable for everyone.

We are asking you to join our support community to help everyone stay motivated, to offer your expertise to the community, and to ask for help if you need it!

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Creativity, Empowerment and Not Being Perfect

Principles for leadership, and building a career beyond “accountant”.

He may describe himself as introverted, but successful CFO and General Manager Jonathan Peters has enjoyed a career – and indeed, a life – that is anything but. Originally from New Zealand, Jonathan is a true citizen of the world, having worked in the UK, Japan, America, New Zealand and, of course, Australia. He is currently the GM for fast growth business, The Real Pet Food Co, which was recently named as one of the most innovative companies in Australia – the only FMCG company on the list.

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Small fish in big pond – how business partnering drives value ins SMEs

A colleague once asked me “What is a ‘finance business partner’? It’s a new term to me.” Interesting question. Finance business partnering is a trusted mutual relationship between the business stakeholders and the finance organisation. This relationship is fostered through providing credible analytics and finance insights for business decisions. An effective finance business partner is one who will walk the path with the business from start to finish. 

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