Our Purpose


Generation CFO is changing the way modern accounting and finance teams operate.  Born from the desire to build communities, grow teams and shift businesses.

We have always thrived in communities, with positive change impacting everyone and everything in your ecosystem, and with real change comes real transformation. 

Generation CFO is creating a new language for next generation of Finance leaders, a coding system for transformation into a Digital era.

Christopher Argent, Founder

Our Story

Together we thrive

Generation CFO was founded by Finance Transformation trailblazer and Digital CFO commentator Christopher Argent who saw the opportunity to bring together the new world of Digital and the new class of modern accounting and finance in to one collaborative community. 

Over 10 years Chris grow the community whilst delivering on multiple Finance Transformation projects, before creating the Digital Core system, a unique methodology that teaches CFO and their teams how to design, build and grow a Digital Finance strategy based on the foundation of their unique business needs. 

Following its success in the UK, as an in-house accelerator, Generation CFO launched a series of successful Partnerships across the Globe and now operates in USA, Europe and Asia. 

Today, Generation CFO prepares to launch it online presence, Fi-Mind. A platform that will connect modern accounting and finance teams to each other, and global collaboration opportunities. Building communities, teaching and supporting the future of finance and finance leaders of tomorrow.

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