Day Two of the Accounting and Finance Virtual Summit was curated by Generation CFO and included many of its members who wanted to support other members during the COVID19 lock down.

In this session, we will look at managing foreign exchange risk and the multiple options for us during business recovery and the ongoing economic crisis.

International payments, FX Risk and FX Options will all need to be managed carefully during th eglobal crisis, in this session, we talk to FX Experts who can help de-risk our currency decisions.

This session will be hosted by Christopher Argent, founder of Generation CFO, with FX Insights from John Freeme, XE.com and Business perspectives from Tanbir Jasimuddin, Head of Finance, Vardags.

The Accounting & Finance Virtual Summit was a 2-day summit with leading education and content for accountants and financial professionals in both practice and industry. It was put together by Practice Ignition, ACCA, Accountex and us, Generation CFO.

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