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Save the date for our upcoming meet up in Leeds on March 10th, 2022.

What is our Community Meet Up?

Our Community Meet Up is a great mix of people, from large enterprises to start-ups, and CFOs to early-career digital natives. This creates an open exchange of ideas and points of view from which we all benefit.

The evening is an opportunity for you to ask questions to an assembled panel and to the rest of the community.

Themes at our Community Meet Up can include:

  • Digital skills
  • Agility & Growth mindset
  • Innovation process
  • Change strategy
  • Culture, tools, solutions and much more

Past panellists of the CFO Debates have included senior finance leaders from Starbucks, Deliveroo, Vodafone and growth-stage technology companies, as well as thought leaders and research professionals.

Why should you attend a Community Meet Up?

It’s time to add the Digital Age to the Finance Function!

The CFO and their management team are at a digital crossroads. Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option, yet most finance teams do not know where to start or which data journey to go on.

More clarity, greater agility and deeper enablement through new learning and new partnerships are needed, so Generation CFO created a space for you to meet, grow and thrive in a changing world.

Our engaged community of like-minded accounting and finance leaders are shaping their futures with new purpose, capabilities and direction, which is only made possible by the boom in data and the digital world.

If you wish to register an interest in this live event, please contact us below.