Are you relatively new into your role as CFO and regularly ask yourself “Am I doing a good job? Am I performing well?”

Whether or not you are new into the role or a highly experienced CFO, the need to deliver good performance is a constant demand that we often set ourselves. It very often comes from the culture of the business as a whole. 

When I was a Finance Director in the corporate world, I often set myself those demands. I worried about getting it right, not letting others down and doing a good job. My sole focus was on performing well.

It was tiring and draining. It made it very uncomfortable whenever I took myself out of my comfort zone. I realised that I would have to start looking at things differently for me to enjoy my job and ultimately be successful. 

Switch to learning

I did this by starting to view learning as just as necessary as performance. If you redefined your work where the primary focus was on learning instead of performing, would this give you a different perspective?

Suppose you came from a place of seeing every ‘new or unfamiliar’ task as an excellent opportunity to learn, and the result would be a natural outcome from it. Would this make you view those challenging tasks differently? You might be more likely to embrace such challenges as opposed to avoiding them. And learn some new skills in the process.

‘School’ thinking

View your work through a different lens, with more of a school mindset. Good work is necessary, but the primary objective was learning. Would this not alleviate some of the pressures that the constant need to perform places on you? 

Authored by Tony Shafar from www.shafarcoaching.com. Tony Shafar is a CFO and Executive and Business Coach working with Senior Finance professionals.