On Tuesday the 19th of July I had the pleasure of welcoming Megan Armstrong (Global P2P Treasury Lead, Gett), David Strickland (Partner, Parade) & Carl Thompson (Senior Value Consultants, Coupa) to the GENCFO hot-seat for another topical webinar. 

Navigating through the post-pandemic chaos, the hyper growth market cycle, and how to improve transactional visibility were some of the key areas tackled. Myself and the panel took on this challenge head on to deliver some key takeaways and insights for your financial wellbeing.

What else was on the agenda?

  • Exploring how transactional visibility, control, and operational performance affect financial health.
  • Learning how to effectively use data to your advantage and growth
  • Discovering the 3 pillars to develop your company
  • How to combat problems from the ground up and build for the future

If you couldn’t join us live or don’t have the time to catch up at this moment, have no fear! I’ll cover the key takeaways and topics discussed so you can get a flavour of this fantastic session.

With such a varied topic in mind, I highly urge you to view this session when you’re free to do so, there’s much to uncover which I’m sure you’ll be able to take directly back into your company.

An ‘all you can eat buffet’ market

Megan emphatically kicked us off by declaring the rapid change in market we have undergone since the pandemic, what once was an ‘all you can eat buffet’ has now developed into a more ‘a la carte’ environment.

But why?

“Data leads to action”

How do you improve your resilience? Data!

Megan exclaimed that data is key in navigating through financial difficulty and ultimately enhancing growth, if you don’t have the data at hand, then how do you know how resilient you actually are?

The 3 pillars

Megan offered her insight and advice via the three pillars approach, firstly, you need the right people in the right jobs, simple right? Second, get good processes in place to really govern your finance team. Third, applying a great system to finish it off. The cherry on top.

Check out the session to hear these in action so you can improve your transactional visibility and enhance your financial decisions.

Post-Pandemic team building

I put a question to Carl, ‘has the pandemic brought teams together?’, has there been some silver lining? The pandemic has offered a level-up in finance teams, it brought the sense of community and teamwork back amongst employees, whilst breaking down barriers.

These are efforts we still tend to carry on to this day, which really is great to see.

How do we get started on our journey?

As a roundup of the session the speakers offered some key takeaways. Carl went down the route of ‘just get started’ don’t worry about the starting point, the focus is getting the ball rolling, it’s a long process but you need to start. Megan doubled down on the need for good ground-up processes, with proper systems in place, this will lead you on your journey to financial resilience.

I’ve merely scratched the surface here so please do catch up on what you’ve missed in this free webinar, there’s some great content here which has the capacity to truly enhance the growth and direction of your company.

See you at the next one!

This webinar was sponsored by Coupa.