Never has there been a better time to unleash innovation in your organisation. There is a perfect storm that offers an unprecedented amount of talented and entrepreneurial young people; accessible technology – many of it for free; and a colliding of ground-breaking knowledge which gives us a clear route forward; and customers who are accessible, around the world, because they are only a few clicks away from ordering.

The great paradigm shifters, Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Jack Welch, Gary Hamel have talked for some time about the significance of innovation and how to increase your odds of success. The key lessons are extracted and listed for easy absorption.

A major change of culture requires an understanding of the psychology of selling and leading change. The merging of John Kotter’s eight-stage process with Zaffron and Logan’s Three Laws of Performance offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase our odds in selling and leading change. The five-step Blue Ocean shift process, as outlined in Kim and Mauborgne, is as follows:

  1. Get started: Map out your current offerings in the pioneer-migrator-settler process. Selecting the in-house team for the initiative and supporting them with a consigliere (the blue ocean team’s personal ‘deep throat’).
  2. Understand where you are now: Using their brilliant strategy canvas process.
  3. Imagine where you could be: Using their buyer-utility map process and locating the three tiers of non-customers.
  4. Find how you get there: Using their six paths framework and using the reducecreateraiseeliminate framework to develop alternative blue ocean opportunities.
  5. Make your move: The selection of the right strategy at a blue ocean fair, where all key staff and a selection of customers and non-key customers get to hear the various options and in a workshop environment explore their options and cast their vote, all on the same day.

A version of this article was first published on David Parmenter’s website.